Beach Egg Hunt

Posted 24 February 2024

Did you know that some of our coastal regions here in Strangford Lough and further afield is home to some amazing sharks, skates and rays?
If you have ever explored the native section here in Exploris, you’ll know that some of these beautiful creatures can grow pretty big!  Our Nursehound which a native shark species is an obvious example!

Shark, skate and ray eggs all share similar characteristics and are sometimes referred to as mermaid’s purses.  You can sometimes find them washed up on the coast.


Collecting this information will help us to understand the different kinds of sharks and skates in our seas. It can also indicate potential spawning areas and nursery grounds for the young shark pups.  Some of these species you’ll be able to come and see in Exploris as well and we think it is a great way to get the most of our beautiful coastline and help people understand the waters around them.

Everything you need to know about finding, identifying and recording your egg cases is below. Happy hunting!

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