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At Exploris our education program includes Key Stages 3 and 4 and we have tailored workshops, as part of our enhanced packages, these are suitable for students studying at GCSE and A Level. Our educational program aims to encourage the following:

We offer 3 types of educational tours, please click on the tabs below to find out more.

Duration: Approx. 75 minutes
Price per pupil: £9.00

What’s included:
– Guided tour of the aquarium
– Curriculum based workshop

Please select from one of the workshops below:

Genetics and Evolution

Students will tour the aquarium with an aquarist, culminating with a 45 minute classroom session focusing on genetics and how evolution has changed the species inhabiting our oceans. Students will learn to apply their knowledge of genetics to real world scenarios and examples, with the help of our aquarist, to map gene flows between species seen in Exploris Aquarium. Students will engage with practical activities in the classroom session to make sense of genetics and diversity in the animal kingdom, and learn how small genetic changes can make drastic changes in our oceans. The workshop will help students understand the relevance of their education in the real world, and learn how genetics are helping scientists map the history of the oceans.

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Seaweed Desiccation

Students will tour the aquarium with an aquarist, culminating with a 45 minute classroom session focusing on seaweed and its dispersal in the intertidal zone. This workshop is in alignment with the current A-Level Biology specification, preparing students for exam questions regarding seaweed desiccation. Students will get their hands dirty exploring several species of seaweed found at various locations within the intertidal zone to identify morphological features contributing to spatial differentiation. Species identification and taxonomy will be discussed in a group setting, challenging students to apply their own biological knowledge with what they have learned throughout the day to create an Inter-tidal ‘map’ of seaweed distribution. This workshop aims to bring the coastline into the classroom with workshop information available to the students as revision material for their upcoming exams.

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Duration: Approx. 45 minutes
Price per pupil: £7.00

What’s included:
Guided tour of the aquarium

The class will be guided through the aquarium by an aquarist. Students will learn a brief the history of the aquarium, the significance of its location and a history of Strangford Lough.

The tour will continue through the aquarium discussing some of our more unique species and points of interests, as well as current conservation issues.

Students will also learn how the seal unit rescue, rehabilitate and release Northern Ireland’s seals

Duration: We advise allowing a minimum of 60 minutes for your visit
Price per pupil: £5.00

Pupils will tour the aquarium at their own pace guided by their teacher.

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