Key Stage 4 (GSCE)

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At Exploris our education program includes key stages 3 and 4 and we have tailored workshops, as part of our enhanced packages, these are suitable for students studying at GCSE and A Level. Our educational program aims to encourage the following:

We offer 3 types of educational tours, please click on the tabs below to find out more.

Duration: Approx. 75 minutes
Price per pupil: £9.00

What’s included:
– Guided tour of the aquarium
– Curriculum based workshop

Please select from one of the workshops below:

Nutrient Cycling

The Nitrogen and Carbon cycles are biologically important nutrient transfers on both small and global scale water bodies. Students will take part in two classroom experiments, tasking them to identify water bodies at different stages of each nutrient cycle, and find what happens when nutrient levels get too high. Workshops will detail how nutrient levels can be monitored, what are the main sources and sinks of nutrients in the oceans, and what the consequences are of these nutrient levels becoming too high. As an important part of the GCSE Biology course, we hope this workshop will provide a more visual and kinetic method of learning the biological cycles and help students understand the relevance of maintaining these in the natural environment, to prepare them for the relevant exam questions.

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Sharks: Dominating Our Oceans

Tour the aquarium with one of our aquarists and meet the members of the shark family that live at Exploris. You will get one on one time with sharks and rays at our touchpools and witness Black Tip reef sharks feeding in the ocean tank. Then you will join one of our aquarists for a 30 minute classroom session getting to grips with how sharks have been so successful in surviving since the dinosaurs were around! Learn what adaptations they have, how they use their senses to hunt prey, how they reproduce and get up close and personal with shark and ray eggs, and learn how they have evolved diversified body types to survive in every habitat in the ocean, from Great white sharks to Manta rays – they all come from the same family! Then learn how we are working to protect sharks and rays here in Northern Ireland and what you can do to help.

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Duration: Approx. 45 minutes
Price per pupil: £7.00

What’s included:
Guided tour of the aquarium

The class will be guided through the aquarium by an aquarist. Students will learn a brief the history of the aquarium, the significance of its location and a history of Strangford Lough.

The tour will continue through the aquarium discussing some of our more unique species and points of interests, as well as current conservation issues.

Students will also learn how the seal unit rescue, rehabilitate and release Northern Ireland’s seals.

Duration: We advise allowing a minimum of 60 minutes for your visit
Price per pupil: £5.00

Pupils will tour the aquarium at their own pace guided by their teacher.

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