Global Recycling Day 2024

Posted 16 March 2024

Here at Exploris, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, through reviewing and implementing our ever-evolving sustainability strategy.

As part of our strategy, we record and monitor our environmental impact and publish these findings through our Breeam Reports.

One of our main strategic aims is to raise awareness and encourage responsible environmental practices. Some of the ways in which we try to do this include –

· Through our educational and group bookings, especially that of our enhanced tours which include a classroom-based learning element.

· Organising and completing beach cleans along our local coastlines.

· Having a dedicated pollution exhibit, raising awareness, and providing interesting facts regarding how pollution affects the environment and its inhabitants.

· Providing solar panel operated recycling bins throughout our attraction and outsourcing all our recycling of plastics, food waste, cans and cardboard to reputable companies who support our values.


– Using local suppliers for our restaurant (fruit, vegetables, meat etc.) to reduce our carbon footprint.

– Use of fully recyclable and compostable coffee cups, lids, and straws in our restaurant along with reducing our plastic bottles by over 70% through the introduction of cans.

– Working with suppliers, who share our core objectives and commitment in reducing our environmental impact.

– This can be evidenced throughout our giftshop, where our main suppliers provide their products in packaging made from recycled materials. (Exterior packaging is also widely recyclable)

– Our main giftshop suppliers have introduced eco-friendly plush ranges that are made 100% from post-consumer recycled polyester (3rd party verified)

– Introducing wooden toys to our giftshop range(s)

– Use of 100% degradable carrier bags throughout the premises

Over the next number of years, we plan to continue and enhance our efforts further, making a positive impact on the environment.

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