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Exploris Aquarium and Seal Sanctuary offers a range of different fun educational experiences that are perfect for schools, youth groups and just about any organization. 

Exploris Aquarium tours and outreach are not only a great learning experience but are also great fun for all ages.

Exploris Tours

for Groups and Schools

Which animal gives birth through its mouth? What’s Dory’s hidden weapon?

Why should you never nibble a pufferfish? Learn the astonishing answers to questions you never thought of asking on one of our tours!

It’s one thing to come to Exploris to look at the animals, but it’s quite another to learn about our incredible creatures from the very animal experts that look after them. You’ll get hands-on with the starfish, hear unbelievable true facts about marine life that’ll make you giggle, squirm and gape, see some of the most peculiar living things on the planet and leave Exploris knowing more than you did when you entered!

Self guided £5 Per Person

A member of the animal care team will start off your Exploris experience with a hands-on session at our starfish tank, where you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about these baffling animals. You can then make your own way around the rest of the aquarium and discover it at your own pace.

Guided £7 Per Person

Your group will get a one-hour tour around the aquarium led by an experienced member of the animal care team, sharing incredible facts, uncovering hidden treasures, answering your questions and maybe even telling a funny story or two! You’ll get to touch the starfish too. No matter what you knew at the start of the tour, you’ll be a fish expert by the end of it.

Enhanced £9 Per Person

If a guided tour doesn’t satisfy your thirst for knowledge, an enhanced tour certainly will! You’ll get a comprehensive tour of the aquarium then be treated to a lively and interactive workshop bespoke to your age group. Delve deep into the topic of your choice.

(Please note that we have a limited workshop offering while the new programme is being developed)

Pop-up Touch Pool Aquarium

for Groups and Schools

You don’t have to come to the coast to experience our native sea creatures – you don’t even need to travel to Portaferry. Our touch pool trailer can deliver a slice of the ocean right to your doorstep!

If you can’t make it to Exploris, we can come to you, and we’ll bring a spectacular selection of native sea creatures with us. Ogle at the humungous spiny starfish, marvel at the magnificent sunstar, grimace at the grisly spider crab and squeal as you come face to face with a cantankerous lobster! You’ll get a dynamic demonstration of each remarkable creature led by a member of the animal care team. This unforgettable experience is perfect for schools, nurseries, community events and even birthday parties.


Our experienced educators can cater to all age groups and those with special educational needs.

Classroom Outreach

Just For Schools

Don’t feel like going anywhere? Discover all the wonders of the sea from the comfort of your classroom!

All we need is access to a rojector or interactive whiteboard.


Get an Exploris animal expert to travel to your school and deliver an interactive workshop that will entertain, educate and engage pupils of every age. Play games, solve puzzles, touch unusual animal specimens and find out facts that will boggle your mind, all in a lively 90 minute session. You’ll be astounded by all the incredible things you never knew about life beneath the waves.


If you have the space you can get as many classes as you want to join in! All we need is access to a projector or interactive whiteboard.

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