Vote for Exploris Aquarium as NI's Best Small Visitor Attraction
Exploris Aquarium Shortlisted for NI’s ‘Best’ Small Visitor Attraction
Wed 1st May 2019

Exploris Aquarium has been shortlisted for NI’s ‘Best’ Small Visitor Attraction in a competition hosted by Tourism NI and Belfast City Airport. Please show us your support and vote for us!

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JC Loggerhead turtle now on display at Exploris Aquarium
Meet ‘JC’ the rare rescued turtle at Exploris Aquarium
Fri 15th March 2019

The Loggerhead Turtle which was found washed up on a beach in Co.Donegal is now well enough to go on display at Exploris Aquarium.

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Loggerhead Turtle at Exploris Aquarium
Vulnerable Loggerhead Turtle in care at Exploris Aquarium
Thu 17th January 2019

On the early hours of Monday morning the seal rescue team at Exploris Aquarium made the 5 hour journey from Portaferry to Co.Donegal to follow up on reports of a very lost loggerhead turtle which had been washed up on the beach.

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Exploris Aquarium Seal Release
‘Seal’ you later Loki, Freya and Juno!
Wed 31st October 2018

On Sunday morning the public and the Exploris Aquarium seal rescue team gathered at Knockinelder beach, Co.Down to say farewell to common seals Loki, Freya and Juno. They were released back to their natural home after being successfully rescued and rehabilitated at the Exploris Aquarium seal sanctuary. The recovered seals had been saved from various…

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New otter pups at Exploris Aquarium
It’s a boy… and 3 girls for the Exploris Aquarium otter family!
Thu 9th August 2018

Exploris Aquarium & Seal Sanctuary are currently celebrating their third otter litter, which is the largest they’ve welcomed to date. On the 26th June Asian Short Clawed Otter, Sungari, gave birth to 4 healthy pups. Now 5 weeks old the news had been kept under wraps to protect the new born and ensure that all…

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Adopt a seal pup at Exploris Aquarium
Adopt A Seal Pup
Thu 19th July 2018

Adopt a seal pup today and help the rescue and rehabilitation of seal pups who visit the seal sanctuary in Exploris Aquarium, Portaferry. This is the perfect gift for animal lovers as your adoption will help fund the seal pups journey through rehab.

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New otter pup at Exploris Aquarium
Otterly Beautiful, as Exploris Otter Family Continue to Grow
Tue 2nd January 2018

Exploris Aquarium & Seal Sanctuary is delighted to confirm that our family of Asian Small-Claw Otter’s has had a new addition to their family.

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Lobster Collection at Exploris Aquarium
Lobsters are One in a Million at Exploris Aquarium
Mon 11th December 2017

Our white lobster is effectively an Albino, lacking any ability to produce any pigmentation.  The white that we see is the natural colour of the shell.  Most crustaceans produce a shell made from calcium carbonate (limestone) which is white in appearance.

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Hans and Albert epic journey to the North Coast
Seals Epic Journey To The North Coast
Wed 29th November 2017

Exploris Aquarium along with support from DAERA and the Conservation Team at the Coastal Zone in Portrush will release 2 seals (Albert and Hans) into Ballintoy during a low tide to give them the best start to their new life in the wild.

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Tourism NI award Exploris Aquarium a five star visitor attraction rating
Wed 25th October 2017

Tourism NI has awarded Northern Ireland’s only aquarium and seal sanctuary a five star visitor attraction rating.

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