Exploris hosts events as part of NI Science Festival 2017

Exploris hosts events as part of NI Science Festival 2017

NI Science Festival 2017

Friday 17 - Sunday 19 February 2017

To celebrate NI Science Festival Exploris is hosting a series of events and activities to engage and captivate our visitors on The Natural World!

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Cancelled - Friday 17 February 2017

The Sea at Night
6.30pm - £15 Per Person
Ticketed only event. Age 18+. Limited spaces. Pre-Booking Essential.
Call our booking office: 028 4272 8062

Owing to unforeseen circumstances this event has been cancelled and we apologise for any inconvenience caused but will be reprogramming this event later in the year.
All other NI Science Festival events will be running as per our schedule.

Saturday 18 - Sunday 19 February 2017

Microscopy Workshop
Location: Exploris Kids Zone
The seas around us are packed full of plankton that are an important food source for a vast diversity of marine species locally. Discover these microscopic beasties in our precious seawater and get up close and personal with planktonic predators- discover why our water is the colour it is compared to tropical seas. Let us show you what thrives in a coke bottle volume and you will never look at sea water the same way again.

Marine Experiments
Location: Exploris Kids Zone
Mussels are filter feeders that rely on plankton and detritus particles in the water for food. Mussels have exceptional filtering capabilities and can filter up to 65 litres of water per day. We can use their exceptional filtration.
Check out Mussel filtration and plastic marine pollution effecting Strangford Lough.

Talks on Animal Adaptations
Location: AV Room
Covering major groups including: reptiles, birds (raptor group), amphibians, fish, invertebrates and mammals in their environment.

Budding Marine Biologists and Zoologists Dissection Demonstration (Age 6+)
Enjoy a guided tour, touch pool demonstration and reptile display with our aquarists, get up close and personal with our natural collections and perhaps try dissecting a squid or fish for yourself.
Space will be limited so pre-booking is recommended at either our 12:30 & 2:30 sessions. Age 6+.

Arts & Crafts
Get crafty and make your own marine mask or straw rocket!

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