“Albert” Einstein – Arrived 29th August 2017

“Albert” Einstein – Arrived 29th August 2017

On the 29th August we received a call from the coastal zone in Port Stewart. A common seal was spotted with an injury to the left side of his face. The seal was slightly underweight and reluctant to swim. We immediately sprang to action and with the help of the coastal zone and our transport volunteers Albert arrived at Exploris.

Albert really didn’t want to eat or swim when he first arrived. After our vet visited him and gave him a prescription he started to feel better and soon he was eating 30-40 fish a day.

Albert is one of the sweethearts of this years rescues. Always very friendly towards the other seals he is very gentle when he is given fish by hand and will play with you at the underwater viewing area.

Albert is now spending his days swimming with Hans in the deep water/pre-release pool. He has a bright orange line painted on his back (so we know who is who very quickly).

Albert is named after the world renowned Albert Einstein. Born in Germany Einstein is one of the greatest scientists of all time. As a theoretical physicist Einstein developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern day physics.

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