Galileo – Arrived 18th October 2017

Galileo – Arrived 18th October 2017

Galileo arrived after storm Ophelia had hit the coastline. At a whopping 35 kilo this pup had been looked after by mum very well. The problem was Galileo had been found at the side of the road and at only 2 weeks old he still needed to be fed a liquid diet. On the 18th October Galileo arrived at the rescue unit and after a week he started to lose his Lanugo coat. Galileo has an incredible appetite and quickly ate fish by himself.

Galileo is now getting ready for release in our deep/pre-release pool with Rosa and will hopefully go back out to the sea before Christmas.

Galileo Galilei is a central figure in the transition from natural philosophy to modern science and in the transformation of the scientific renaissance into a scientific revolution. Galileo is best known for his telescope discoveries including the 4 most massive moons of Jupiter.

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