“Hans” Hass – Arrived 31st July 2017

“Hans” Hass – Arrived 31st July 2017

Hans arrived at Exploris on the 31st July from Greyabbey. We were alerted to a young common seal with a facial injury. Wee Hans was just 2 weeks old with a very nasty cut to his lower left jaw. Within the seal rescue unit we made sure he had medicine and plenty of food. Hans is now thriving.

After just 3 weeks of being under our care Hans was moved from the hospital pens to the nursery pool and today can be seen with his best bud Albert in the deep water/pre-release pool.

We expect Hans to be released in the new year after we have ensured he is 100% healthy.

Hans was named after Hans Hass. From Austria Hass was the pioneer of underwater cinematography and helped create several pieces of diving equipment. An extraordinary conservationist we should all be thankful of the work Hass completed. Without it we would not have BBC Natural History documentaries such as Blue Planet or Frozen Planet.

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