Rachel- Arrived 1st September 2017

Rachel- Arrived 1st September 2017

Update May 2018: "Rachel is still at Exploris Seal Sanctuary as she has been growing very slowly over the past 9 months. She has now started to gain weight which will mean she will get to return to the wild soon."

Rachel is a common seal and arrived on the 1st September from Portrush. Rachel was severely underweight for her age and had an eye infection which needed medical attention. After a course of antibiotics Rachel was moved from our quarantine facility to the hospital pens and the battle to wean her began. Most pups take anywhere from 1-5 days to wean. Rachel took 3 weeks. She was very reluctant to eat by herself and even now she likes to shred her food instead of eating it head first.

Rachel Coleman is a climate change scientist and is paving the way for new technology for fuels.

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