Shark Art Competition

Posted 2 March 2024

Have you seen our new Black-Tipped Reef Sharks yet?  Well, as you can imagine, we are pretty excited to have such amazing creatures swimming in our ocean tank.  They are just awe-inspiring, so much so, we thought we’d have a little art competition in lieu of their arrival!

Win an annual pass and other fantastic shark-tastic prizes.

To Enter

Create an exciting piece of artwork to celebrate the arrival of two new blacktip reef sharks at Exploris Aquarium. This can be in any media (drawing, painting, digital, sculpture, collage, animation, comic strip, Lego, Minecraft, etc.) except AI.
Your artwork can revolve around these sharks, some of the other shark species in Exploris, or sharks in general. Special consideration will be given to submissions that present sharks positively and incorporate a conservation message.


Upload photo of artwork to social media (Facebook or Instagram), including name of artwork, name of child, age of child and certain hashtags (@explorisni #explorisniart #shark)


One entry per child


31st of March

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Shark Art Competition