My name is Gerard. I am the Manager of Exploris.

I have a BA Honors in Business through LJMU. Prior to working in Exploris, I worked in Personal and Small Business Banking and had no previous experience in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality. My initial position is Exploris was Supervisor, before applying and being successful in the Manager position.

I have been working for the company for almost 6 years and love the diversity of the role I currently fill. I work closely with the Head of the Animal department, social media, Kitchen, and Restaurant departments where I oversee and manage the day-to-day activities. My role also includes the overseeing and management of Reception, Gift Shop, Housekeeping, and our visitor information desk. As manager, I oversee staffing, meeting suppliers, placing stock orders, and ensuring all administrative tasks and group tours run smoothly, I also work closely with third party booking agents and produce quarterly reports for the board.

However, I am required to prioritise tasks as necessary and in any one day can fulfil several roles which include but are not restricted to receptionist, cleaner, first aider, shop assistant or waiter in the restaurant. This is one of the most fulfilling things about my role as no two days are the same and you get that much needed variety within your workday to keep you motivated.

Over the last 6 years, I have had numerous opportunities to build on my knowledge and experience within the tourism industry and appreciate all the opportunities that have come my way. My favourite animal in the aquarium is the Lionfish. I find them to be rather fascinating and relaxing to watch, although they are venomous, I don’t plan on getting that close to them anytime soon!

My hopes and aspirations are that we as a company will continue to develop and introduce further conservation projects in the future, working more closely with educational faculties, whilst continually developing our educational programs which we align to the current curriculums. I ultimately want Exploris to be seen not just as an aquarium but as a pivotal part of the future educational system. At the same time I would also like to further develop our international visitor bases increasing the number of international visitors year on year, offering them that same educational experience but in a more fun and relaxed way, highlighting the conservation work we are involved in along with the enjoyment that aquariums in general offer.